Cities Guide for the Southern Oregon Coast 

Oregon Coast Tide Pools

Oregon Coast StarfishAlong the shoreline, where the sea rushes in and out with the pull of the moon, thousands of creatures brave the forces of nature. Here, in hollows and cracks that catch the receding sea water, denizens of the tide pools live out their lives, sometimes safe beneath the waves, at other times pounded by the ocean's fury. Yet it is in this harsh environment the sea's spectacular beauty unfolds, close enough to explore. 

Living flowers of anemones vibrate with color. Countless starfish grasp the sea-hewn rocks. A wary hermit crab makes his way to a new-found home in a empty shell. Here and there the fluttering tendrils of barnacles feed in the rich brine, only to snap back into their rigid bodies when poked by an inquisitive finger. Become a tide pool explorer. Discover hidden treasures of living creatures. The pools reveal another world, filled with sea urchins, sponges, cling fish and an array of ocean life. Come prepared to tackle slick spots on the rocks caused by seaweed and the cool spray of the surf. 

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