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Beach Combing
A factor in creating great beach combing is the many streams and creeks which empty into the Pacific. These carry large trees and logs, which break up to form a vast array of driftwood, and deposit it on shore during storms or high winds. During winter tides, large deposits of driftwood are carried onto the beaches, making it plentiful even during the summer months when storms are minimal. Because some of the best beach combing happens during the winter months, you'll want to dress warmly. Rather than one bulky coat, use lighter layers to insulate against penetrating sea breezes. Wear waterproof boots or other protective shoes to keep your feet dry. While winter beach combing is productive, summer months also provide ample opportunities to enjoy this pastime. The best time of day to beach comb depends upon what things you're hoping to find. Agates and other semi-precious stones will be found in the gravel at low and high tides when the waves churn the beach gravel, revealing prizes otherwise left hidden. To explore tide pools, go at low tide.

Always be alert for higher-than-normal "sneaker" waves that can occur at any time of year and can inundate and/or wash away visitors, pets and belongings. Never turn your back on the ocean.

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